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Crossing Charts for .NET

Fast & Complete

The preferred charting solution
for business and real-time monitoring systems
on the .NET platform


Friendly Support

Our legendary support guarantee a correct implementation of your needs providing you with clear examples, guidance and even fixing your own code!

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Rabid Speed

Selection and custom markers can be refreshed in <1 ms even in legacy systems making Crossing Charts the perfect choice for real-time analysis and monitoring systems.

Full Featured

More than 45 chart styles, data-binding & Excel integration, Zoom & Panning, Formula plotting, PDF & SVG support are just a few of the features included in the control.

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Easy Deployment

One single DLL with no external dependencies and one single affordable commercial license, which is royalty-free. Impossible to make it easier!

Main Features

2D types (30 styles): Bars, Line, Pie (with explode option), Point, Spline, Bubble, Cylinders, Doughnut (with explode option), Gantt, Gauge (simple / range-colors / multi-gauge), High-Low High-Low-Close, High-Low-Open-Close (Candlestick), Horizontal bars, Line (datetime range), Rounded bar, Picture, Pyramid, Radar, Spline Stacked area, Stacked area, Stacked bar (fixed), Stacked bar (proportional), Tornado, X/Y - scatter chart, X/Y (datetime range), X/Y line, X/Y spline (single and multi-series), X/Y spline with error indicators

3D types (17 styles): Bars, Pie (with explode option), Columns, Cylinders, Doughnut (with explode option), Line, Spline, Spline area, Spline stacked area, Stacked area, Stacked bar, Stacked columns, XYZ scatter, XYZ lines, XYZ mesh, XYZ surface (quads), XYZ surface (triangles from random points)

Combo (area/bar, spline area/line, area/points, ... almost any chart style can be combined with another!)

Vector: SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
Document: PDF.
Others:: animated GIF.

.NET framework versions 2.0 and later
Visual Studio .NET 2005, 2008, 2010, 2015
VB.NET/C# applications
ASP.NET web applications
Windows Service
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 compatible

  • Chart wizard tool for quick testing of library and experimenting with menus, styles, colors, ...
  • Additional calculations: average, maximum, PARETO, ...
  • ClearType / automatic antialiasing
  • Hotspots (tooltips)
  • Quick animation (desktop applications only)
  • Zoom and Panning
  • Right-click full featured Context Menu (desktop applications only)
  • Unlimited composite charts: bar/line, area/bar, ...
  • Y-axis indicators (additional custom guides/lines)
  • Custom resolution renderer
  • Add your custom content (text, drawings, ...)
  • Automatic or fixed scale in X/Y axis
  • Automatic or manual control refresh
  • Single and multiseries support for any chart type
  • Load data from Excel !
  • Adjustable X-Y slant for 2D/3D charts (perspective displacement)
  • X/Y/Z charts can be rotated in any angle
  • Mouse click and other events
  • Bitmap export to JPEG, BPM, GIF, PNG, TIF or WMF formats
  • No temporary files - all processing is done in memory!
  • Different styles for values positioning
  • Serialization support
  • Smart value positioning avoid overlapping
  • Background pictures with transparency
  • Y/X axis label can be rotated 45 or 90 degrees
  • Soft/hard shadows
  • High degree of personalization: assign any fill style, font or color to any element, show/hide any element, inner chart margins, ...

A simple license scheme that includes:

Unlimited Windows applications
Unlimited Web Sites
Unlimited Deployments (royalty-free!)
No additional charges
No hidden fees
6 months of free responsive email or forum support
6 months of free minor updates

A single standard tier affordable by most companies


Dedicated e-mail and support forum.
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These are only a sample of the +45 chart types included in Crossing Charts for .NET

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Combine two or more chart types in same canvas

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Easily create Gantt diagrams with start, end, progress per task and current time.

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Multi-series bubble chart.

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Perfect choice for side-by-side comparison.

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Visualize thousands of data items in XYZ volume.

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Triangle and Quad based surface interactive chart. Make multiple selections and transform the chart data visually.

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Fast hatch-style multi-series radar charts

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Combine up to 16 gauges with multiple needles and ranges in the same canvas

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Plot XY point, line or spline charts with zooming and panning capabilities


"I really like your software (price / functionality) and have already recommended to some of my engineers to use it for our machine vision applications when we need a low-cost / high-performance graphing solution. I think you provide useful examples and the support is very good."

"Thank you very much. You have a great product. It has made my life much easier."

"I love the ability to use the right mouse button and change the chart characteristics... Your support has been awesome... much appreciated."

"I think your product is excellent, easy to use in .net or web development and very good price, I'm really happy with your product."

"I wanted to take a minute to thank you for making a couple of changes to fit my needs, I really appreciate all of your help."

"Just a short note to thank you for all your support during the last few days. I am sure it would have taken me a longer time to get the charting portion of my web application up and running. Your promptness in replying to my emails were most helpful as I needed the answers almost immediately. Your component is really easy to use and quite powerful for the price. Thanks again."

"Your product and support match those that are 10 times the price. The ease of implementation and the flexibility of the component have surpassed my expectations. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product."

"I find your product to be complete, the documentation to be clear, your response to inquiries to be very timely, and your product pricing to be excellent. Thank you for providing a quality product that meets an essential need in .NET development."

"Thanks for the excellent support for this outstanding nice product. Keep up going, I'm sure this is one of the best bar graph lib out there."

"I'm very happy with this .Net component. The component is easy to use. And I think for a very good price!"

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