Fixed X axis values
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OK, I've been trying to solve this on my own for an hour, time to reach out.

I have what I call a function that I want to display on a chart.
it has values (these are random)
0    0
10  50
20  90
30  200

so I want a chart that uses the first column as the X axis values and the plots it as X.Y

So far all I get is Item 1, Item 2, Item 3 on the Xaxis and 2 lines on the chart...

I have it linked to a DataGrid as the source because I need to be able to change the values of the DG from the Chart.

ideally I can tell it to use the first column as the X values and the second as the Y values and then plot them...

Hope this explains what I am looking for clearly enough...

Re: Fixed X axis values
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Hi there!

To define custom X-axis labels you need to use a XY chart style, for example:

Tutorial 8: Fixed numeric scale on both axis (VB.NET)

Tutorial 14: X/Y scatter with spline chart (VB.NET)

We'll publish a new C# tutorial showing how to bind an XY chart with custom x-axis and a data grid.

Re: Fixed X axis values
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Here's the new tutorial showing databinding on XY charts.

Firstly, please update to latest version from the private beta board as a new feature has been implemented and is required for this new tutorial to work.
Here's the source of the tutorial: