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Frequent Asked Questions Page

We will publish here common and/or useful questions about our charting library: usage, deployment, tips, features, ... Feel free to contact us at contact (at) crossingcharts.com for any question not listed here.

Licensing and Activation Code

"I am considering purchase of your charting library. I would like to know what "1 year free updates" means exactly. Taking into account current version numbering scheme, what is the highest version number I would be entitled to get for free in the future?"

You may request a free update at any time following the 6 or 12 months after your purchase date (depending on the license purchased). Version is not important. If you purchased version 10 and version 12 is released in 6 months you can update to version 12 for free.

Would I be able to install the library on my computer at work and at home?

You can install your licensed copy of Crossing Charts for .NET in any number of computers. You only need to purchase a new license if need support, updates, and to remove the "Trial Edition" message. Have in mind that support is granted to only one developer per license, so if you are a team of developers working with Crossing Charts for .NET consider purchasing at least 2 or 3 licenses so you don't have to bother the same guy to ask all the questions of your team!

I have purchased a license but I have not received my activation code!

Activation codes are issued in less than 24/48 hours from your purchase. Guaranteed. If you don't receive the email with the code, you should want to check your spam folders, antivirus, etc. Send us an activation code request to contact (at) crossingcharts.com from a different email account.

I have received my activation code but it continues showing "Trial Version" over the charts!

You must delete/uninstall trial edition and download/install retail version which recognizes activation codes. In the email with your activation code you will find the URL to download full version of the library.
If Trial Version message continues, make sure you have indicated your activation code correctly, using LicenseeIdentifier property. Also make sure you don't have any previous/demo versions installed in the GAC and that you have deleted any DLL from a previous version in your hard disk.

Can I use the chart control in Open Source projects?

Due to privacy of the activation codes, only trial edition can be distributed along with your package. End users must purchase a license to avoid Trial Edition message in the charts. Feel free to suggest us an alternate way to distribute a licensed version.

I purchased the library 14 months ago, can I continue using it? Can I update to recent versions?

You can continue using and distributing your licensed copy for ever, of course. But after the first year, you must purchase a new license if you want to update to recent versions as well as to continue receiving support.


Can I use your library in Visual Basic 6?

No. Library is a 100% .NET user component that can only be used from a .NET environment (either .NET Winform application or ASP.NET website). Some users however have reported they have created a proxy .NET library which deals with the .NET library and saves the chart to a GIF file, so it can be loaded in a PictureBox.

Image formats supported

The charts which are generated, would I be able to save them in .BMP or GIF or JPG files?

Yes. Charts may be saved in BPM, GIF, TIF, JPG, PNG, animated GIF as well as SVG (vector) and PDF formats in professional edition.

Support and feature requests

Which support options do I have?

All customers have priority support from our tech guys (including licensed users, upgrading users, evaluating users, ...) through this support forum or by e-mail. Only a few of our customers have one or two questions at most before they get working the chart control in their projects.

We guarantee high quality answers during your maintenance period, including samples, code advising, error checking, ... our response time is less than 24 hours, usually a few hours. Try it now sending your question.

Are you able to do make some customizations in the library? How much do you charge for them?

Many customers ask for minor customizations for their projects before purchasing the product. That's ok and we usually develop them without extra charge if they are good for the product (an update is then delivered in one or two weeks by email).
Only if you are in a hurry or the customization is somewhat specific to your domain, we request a small fee in advance which we negotiate with you. If you are OK with the fee, we develop it, you try it, and if happy, you pay for it.

Source code licensing

Is Source Code for the library available?

Yes. Source Code is available option is available. Send us an email to contact (at) crossingcharts.com for details.

General control usage

Is it possible to define X-axis labels independently of the legend, that is: is it possible to allocate X-axis labels to each X-axis position?

Yes, you can achieve that. The key is the ItemsLegend property as well as ShowXAxis=true.

How can I get this graph's Y axis values to start with 0?


Which formats are allowed for numeric values (eg. ValuesFormat property)?

ValuesFormat, YAxisNumericFormat and XAxisNumericFormat accept standard numeric format codes of Visual Studio .NET. You can browse Visual Studio .NET help for the list of format codes. For example: "0", "N", "p", ... Click here for more info.

How can I change background image?

Use GridBackgroundImage or BackgroundImage properties.

Feel free to post any other question in the Support board. Thanks!